I made a trip to school on a wet morning today, just to get some large format printings done in preparation for the coming exhibition in Feb. And with the kind assistance from our IT technician Chris, I was able to layout my selection of images onto an AO page and got it printed for 24 pound. Shown here is the montage of the images to be exhibited. Will do the mounting myself over the weekend 🙂

前天终于呈交了毕业作,接下来就是赶弄毕业展的作品。今早下着时大时小的长命雨,回到冷清的校园,花了好一阵子才将所有选定的画作排入AO尺寸的版面,跟着打印出来,费用为24英镑,不便宜。明天还得“下坡”去买厚纸板,回来亲自裁割粘贴。上图就是今早打印的画作,从两本布布、OLIVE小绿宝及I’m Used to四份作业中选出来的,与大家分享分享。