Petals fall lightly off the branches

showering her dancing in pastel mist

she taps her feet to the lively singing of oriole

and splashes the petals

like fluttering wings of butterflies

It’s getting very warm these few days, very unlike the weather UK’s been “famous” for– the locals might love such rare sunshine, but for someone that grew up on a tiny island with sunshine all year round, I certainly prefer otherwise. I went for a walk to Fen Ditto yesterday, it was so hot as I strolled down the meadow without any shade, and yes for the very first time my stay here, I’m sunburned. Soon it’ll be May, soon it’ll be summer, does that mean spring is coming to an end? Alas, how abrupt spring seems to be: first there were the daffodils covering almost every corner of Cambridge; and then most unexpectedly, cherry trees in creamy white and blushing pink took center-stage; too bad beauty never seems to last, just within weeks, the soft pastel colours of flowering trees are replaced by monotonous green–the colour of summer. With daylight gradually dragging deep into the night, I’m beginning to miss the dark, gloomy and melancholic weather of winter and early spring. Everything just appears too bright, too cheerful, too bursting with energy. But I should give summer benefit of the doubt, before my return to my tiny island country during the coming summer vacation, I shall see what surprises the summer of Cambridge would bring.