I’ve promised the editor of this Malaysia Chinese magazine(oh dear, I keep forgetting the Malay name of it, but literally it means “Secondary Students”) not to post any editorial illustrations done for them onto my blog before the sale, and so here’s a picture I drew quite some time back, it’s for an article in the April’s issue which I think should be available by now(in Malaysia of course). I’m not too sure if the younger generation right now would have any idea or concept of “chap-huay-diam”, the Hokkien way of saying provision shop? I grew up in a kampong and had the privilege of patronizing such shops which are now at the verge of “extinction” in Singapore. I’m not too sure about Malaysia, but Singapore is definitely overly urbanised, in Malaysia I believe there are still pockets of rural area retaining the beauty of 70s and 80s, the so called old-world charm. As we move forward, it’s always good to have a bit of our past to fall back on, it’s just so sad that we’re losing so much of everything of yesterdays in our little tiny island. We are so tiny, the only way to keep renewing is to erase our yesterdays.