I think spring has arrived though the temperature seems to tell me otherwise. I woke up at minus 6 degree C this morning, the coldest weather ever since Cambridge enters into the beginning season of the year, with a layer of icy frost covering rows of car parking outside my window. There’s a Chinese saying of 乍暖还还, a brief moment of warmth amidst the underlying chilliness, this is what I’m experiencing right now. But despite the coldness,  it’s still spring! And spring does bring back cheerful colours to the once bleak and depressing Cambridge in winter. I keep seeing locals buying fresh stalks of tulip these few days, potted golden narcissus sways elegantly on some window sills, and tiny bell-shape flowers in yellow, white or violet dotted almost every corner I pass-by, covering the ground like brightly dyed carpet. It’s a welcoming sign of a beautiful season one can expect, I simply can’t wait to see the spring in Cambridge in full bloom.