Back to one of the earlier spreads, the page on Tears and Hope. That’s the whole problem with me, or maybe it’s not a problem to be exact, but a working habit, I always plunge into doing the actual illustrations without finalising the storyboard. That’s why I never illustrate in sequence chronically, I keep jumping back and forth doing whatever pictures that come into mind first. For this spread, I’ve been putting it on hold for weeks, simply because I couldn’t think of a way to visually represent the idea of Tears and Hope. Anyway, I still believe the saying by Ajahn Brahm “Just do it”, don’t think too much, once I start drawing and revising and drawing and revising, more and more ideas just pop up. I know planning is important, but sometimes if we plan too much, we might just lost the crucial momentum when comes to the actual drawings. The picture shown here is not the finalised version.