We had our crit session for the diploma project the other day. I was pleasantly surprised to finally view the progress of some of my course-mates’ work, some ideas were brilliant while others were full of delightful drawings, exhibiting diverse styles, techniques and directions. Of course, we do feel the pressure to produce something fascinating, especially this time round we were instructed to create a project with a target audience in mind. But like what I told one of my course-mates, we should just relax and create whatever we enjoy. Enjoyment is the key word. It’s almost impossible for your work to be loved and enjoyed by everyone, but if you don’t even enjoy it yourself, then what’s the point in doing it in the first place?

It’s good to have a crit session, it’s a chance to receive constructive feedbacks, and it’s also to certain extend marks the “end” to a “torturous” six weeks of mental stress! I thought I could put this project behind my mind once and for all after the crit and have a relaxing weekend before the start of another “dreadful” six weeks( I’m really worried about the coming 8000 words diploma review essay), but apparently I was wrong! Even though I have already done up my dummy book for the story “The Journey” which I’m rather please and proud with, but you know, there’s always room for improvement. I think my tutor James and some of my course mates did point out some parts that I could/should re-work on, especially the ending. And so, I have decided to spend this weekend to make revisions to the last 2 drawings and here’s the revised last spread I amended last night. I’ve added in in the foreground withered poppies. Why should he carry on? There must be lots of reason, a child might not fully understand the idea of sacrifice or responsibility or even making the right choice in life, I need to visually provide them with a more accessible reason within their capacity of comprehension, something that is simple, positive and heart-warming, such as bringing life back to a once bleak and cold  black and white world. He has to carry on so that time can carry on, colours and beauty can resurface.