sowThough I find no specific reason to celebrate the so called National Day (I’m never that patriotic nor politically correct), but I think its a good excuse to set some goals for myself, sort of like drafting new year’s resolutions. I have been feeling rather lost for the past few weeks, it’s time to put a stop to it. We all need directions in life; and so, here are some of my plans for the coming years:

  1. To hold a solo illustration exhibition in campus upon my return from overseas studies; proceeds of all artworks will be used for charitable purpose;
  2. To set up, if possible, a HMS’s publishing unit in helping future CPEE students with potential in writing/illustrating picture-books to realize their dreams;
  3. To promote the culture of picture-book’s appreciation among the general public by collaborating with bookstores, libraries and schools in organizing bilingual talks and sharing sessions.
  4. To bring happiness and hope to all children(and adults of course; picture-books after-all are meant for all ages) by creating Made-in-Singapore picture-books!
  5. To live my life and to live it with a clear purpose; my life might not be that perfect, tinted with unavoidable regrets, with things I could not change but to accept. It’s not easy at all, for life is never meant to be easy.
  6. To love and not hate.