catHow unusual is your pet?

Just a plain-Jane pussy cat

Nothing special about that


I still love it

None the less!

“My unusual pet” has been put on hold for quite a while. I ‘ve actually thought of this picture some time back, with the intention to end the series with such a note: it’s true love that makes someone or something extraordinary. Like the saying goes: Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. With love, life can be so simply beautiful.

我的五十肩又发作了。或许是这两天拼命打字,坐姿不当,影响到手臂肩膀,又麻又酸痛。菲律宾籍同事说五十肩的医药术语为frozen shoulder。好有趣的叫法,既形象兼带一定的诗意。冰封的肩膀,冰封的膝,冰封的腰背,冰封的颈。老化的迹象逐一浮现,身体老化是自然的,倒也无所谓。只是心可千万别老化,也别冰封才行。