I was caught in a massive jam at the least expected moment: on an early morning of a school holiday (tertiary level not entitled). By right, traffic should be relatively smooth even on normal weekdays at the time I set off. If there’s a list of things that I loathe, being trapped in heavy traffic would top the chart without doubt. I dread the crazy morning traffic so much that I would rather sacrifice my sleep in order to be on the road before the traffic starts swamping in. That’s my daily routine, and I believe there are many out there who share my “plight”: I do not like it but I have to do it, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, that’s the lifestyle formulated for typical city-dwellers like us; we are in the system, we just have to go with the system. We don’t have much choice really. But even the best laid out routine can be easily upset by any unforeseen circumstances, such as the fatal traffic accident that took place this morning, involving several vehicles and killing at least one motorist. It’s funny, come to think of it, how the irresponsible action of a few individuals could affect thousands of innocent others, to extend of even claiming lives. I was one of the few thousands, trapped helplessly for a few kilometres along PIE, literally inching my way to freedom. In event planning, we always talk about contingencies. However, no matter how well prepared we might be, we can never outwit contingency, for basically, life is unpredictable. We should not allow contingencies to dictate how we live; instead, we should embrace the fact of life being unpredictable and start living meaning out of it. There’s really no difference between being trapped in a system and in a jam, maybe we still have a choice after all: do we still want to be trapped?