listen to rainThe other day I told my Adtran class this little story of Farrah. It was the last classroom lesson I had with them, and normally during such occasion, I would share with my students, all so young and hopeful,  my thoughts or reflection on life, nothing extremely profound I would say but hopefully would inspire them in whatever little ways it may. It was on you-tube that I heard about “Farrah’s Story”, a documentary on the former Charlie’s Angle actress, on her fight during the last few months of her life against cancer. Farrah is gone by now, almost the same time as MJ. Like all stars, she once led a glittering and glamorous life, or at least what appeared to be one. But all her wealth and glamour when confronted by the cold harsh nature of life, could do no miracle. There’s no exception for anyone, we all die one day; meaning to say, we only live for a limited period of time, once and that’s all. And this period we called our life, what is it for anyway? Why are we alive, here on this earth at this time? There’s something Farrah said that almost brought tears in my eyes. In her last days, she suddenly realised she missed so much, not her fame nor her wealth nor the glamour once enjoyed, but rain; and she wondered if there would be rain up there in heaven. I consider that a saying of wisdom. How does it feel like when it rains? How does it sound like when it rains? How does it looks like when it rains? Have these questions ever occured to you at all? Why is life beautiful? Because life is simple, a purpose is all we need. Dream your dreams and appreciate the simple beauty in life this very instant. Live life now.