Have you enjoyed life before, or should I reframe my question: are you enjoying life right now or at all? Enjoy is a word that is rather vague and ambiguous. How would you define enjoyment? Having a good life, maybe? Sounds true enough, but that did not exactly answer the question. Moreover, what is good? What actually constitutes to a life that can be considered good? Material satisfaction does help in a way but that’s definitely not the key to a good life; we all know that, do we not? I read something on today’s paper, the writer posted a question: are you merely existing or are you living? When your life is nothing but a mere existent, you are not living your life. You can only enjoy every moment of your existing life when you consciously live it. Knowing yourself and doing what you should and want to do is what I considered conscious living. Many of us are drowned in the tidal waves of societal pressure; the easiest way to survive would be to drift along. When we drift, we are not in control of our direction. What could be worst than that? To enjoy life is not that difficult, you just need to have the courage; the courage to face yourself, the know yourself and at a certain juncture in life, detach yourself from the society, forget about the societal notion of success or failure but strive in your own way the success that is meant for this life of yours.